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27 July 2021

How to Build a Medical Application: HealthTech Startup Guide

A smart healthcare solution can save time and lives — and these are not just big words. Tracking one’s health, consulting a doctor, and improving hospital infrastructure are just a few scenarios in which a medical app can be used.  Look at how our lives have changed with the global pandemic. People worldwide started using medical apps more frequently in 2020; in fact, the number of downloads number grew by 65 percent, according to Statista.  These statistics...

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1 July 2021

How to Successfully Develop an Educational App for Android and iOS Platforms

The e-learning niche is not particularly new for the global customer. It was growing before the pandemic, with a value of $138 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $404 billion by 2025, according to the Holon IQ report “Sizing the Global EdTech Market.” Although the latest market trends were unfavorable for many industries, they provided an extra boost to online learning and made entrepreneurs take a closer look at the sphere.  Apart from that, one can’t deny...

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3 June 2021

How to Create a Mobile Banking App: Key Steps

Technology development in the fintech field has greatly simplified the management of personal finances. Users no longer need to queue at the cashier to complete a bank transaction. It is enough to install a desktop or mobile application, and you can quickly pay bills, transfer funds to different recipients, or deposit money.  The vast majority of banks and non-bank financial institutions understand that they will not be able to...

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