Categories: Mobile, Embedded, IoT
Industry: Smart Solutions

Driver Assistance System

Project description

Driver Assistance System helps drivers to set the smart coverage to help regular drivers with safety aspects and to improve economical and environmental balance. The solution consists of a Automotive Grade Linux, Genivi Open Source, and a Mobile application. The main features are to:

  • Identify objects and calculate their distance via Smart Camera equipment.
  • Collect vehicle data to improve performance rate.
  • Enhance driver safety through computer vision system.
  • Extent application via special API implementation.
  • Improve completely new UX with GPU DDK development.
  • Analyze the driving performance of the driver on the basis of safety.


6 developers, 1 project manager, 1 software testing engineer.


14 months.


C, C++11, QT Creator, GDB, Linux userspace, Ubuntu Linux, Enterprise Architect, SysML, Android OS, GHS Integrity RTOS, GIT, Mantis, OpenGL ES, OpenGL SL (aka GLSL), iOS.

Business Value

15% better economic balance*
10% increased safety*
* - according to anonymous comparison poll

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