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Industry: Media

Engaging platform to reach influencers 


To create a unique iOS mobile and web-based application with desktop and Android versions in future, that with allow to rate politicians news/activities by every custom user.


This project is supposed to run on both mobile platforms (iOS, Android), web and as a desktop versions, which covers a lot more online users.It's not a trivial app, since it gives users a possibility to read hot news about favourite politicians, rate them and their activities on a daily basis and arrange own statistics for this or that public figure and compare own and average rates.
Besides, the app registration process is simplified and can be processed using any social account. In future versions language selection is also planned.


iOS: Multithreading, CoreData, Networking, Core Animation, REST API.
Web: Angular 1.4.2, ES6, Node.js, Gulp, Yeoman.

Engaging platform to reach influencers
Engaging platform to reach influencers