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Geolocation travel app 


To help travelers all over the globe to travel with comfort, namely to find the shortest route to needed destination.


The Geolocation is very useful for those people, who travel a lot – it helps travellers to find the best way in the new city. The App identifies user’s current location and allows to choose the nearest Hotel, Hospital, Police Office, Subway or Bus Station, Café or Restaurant.
Smartphone owner can select a category and then see all listed places on the Map. He/she can look through them, choose the most interesting sights and create a route from where the user stands to all preferred destinations. Navigation is very simple thanks to user friendly interface, so even a kid can manage it.

Basic features of this Geolocation app:

  • the App works worldwide; 
  • helps to orient in any foreign city;
  • shows the best (the shortest) route and saves your time;
  • explore nearby places before going sightseeing;
  • displays statistics of the user’s activity.


Android: Google Maps API, Google Places API, Google Elevation API.

Geolocation travel application screen
Geolocation travel application screen