Categories: Mobile, Embedded
Industry: Healthcare

IoT application for healthcare


To create an easy to use application and connect it to a device that constantly monitors the state of a newborn and sends alarms about dangerous health conditions.


The IoT app is a baby foot bracelet monitoring oxygen saturation, pulse rate and temperature, and alerting parents via a smartphone app in cases of emergencies. The app addresses the deepest fears parents have regarding their newborn’s life: death while sleeping due to respiratory or cardiac problems, elevated temperature, high temperature convulsions, and supervision-free situations. Sensors on the kid’s ankle constantly monitor oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and skin temperature, and results are transferred to a smartphone app directly via Wi-Fi communication.


Ruby, Rails 4.2.6, PostgreSQL, Grape, Swagger, Ansible, RSpec.
Android: SQLite, Retrofit2, OkHttp3, tcp ip, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Picasso, Data Binding, Constraint Layout, Hotspot connectivity, AES-256 encryption, material design custom views.

Screen of the IoT application for healthcare monitoring
Screen of the IoT application for healthcare monitoring