Categories: Mobile, Embedded, IoT
Industry: Healthcare

IoT application for healthcare

Project description

An IoT device that constantly monitors the state of a newborn and sends alarms about dangerous health conditions to an application via Wi-Fi. The app addresses the deepest fears parents have regarding their newborn’s life: death while sleeping due to respiratory or cardiac problems, elevated temperature, high temperature convulsions, and supervision-free situations.
The device is a baby foot bracelet with sensors that monitors oxygen saturation, pulse rate and skin temperature.


7 developers, 1 software testing engineer, 1 project manager, 1 business analyst.


6 months.


Ruby, Rails 4.2.6, PostgreSQL, Grape, Swagger, Ansible, RSpec. Android: SQLite, Retrofit2, OkHttp3, tcp ip, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Picasso, Data Binding, Constraint Layout, Hotspot connectivity, AES-256 encryption, material design custom views. iOS: Objective-C, CoreData, tcp ip, Firebase Cloud Messaging, AutoLayout, Hotspot connectivity, AES-256 encryption, UIKit, AFNetworking, SVPullToRefresh (SVInfinityScrolling), CoreBluetooth.

Business Value

The app will be an addition to common video nanny program, but will allow parents to control the physical condition of their child (temperature and heart rate, which is not possible to see on a video), even while being on a distance.

Screen of the IoT application for healthcare monitoring
Screen of the IoT application for healthcare monitoring