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Bluetooth beacons app


To create an application for both iOS and Android users that can work with any kind of Bluetooth beacons for different practical purposes, like locating a car, tracking shoppers, and etc.


It is an application (both BeaconCatcher and iBeacon Scanner versions), that allows to work with any type of Bluetooth beacons. The App receives the signal and displays the location of the detected devices within 3 meters radius. User can name each beacon, set a password for it, add a description or image. Also the App can help a user to find out the specific characteristics of each beacon.


iOS: Parse.corn, CoreBluetooth, QuartzCore, AFNetworking, Kontakt SDK, Cocoa Touch, iBeaconsScanner, Core Location.
Android: iBeacon, BLE, Parse, Material design, Canvas, Altbeacon, Butterknife.

Screen of the Bluetooth beacons app
Screen of the Bluetooth beacons app