Categories: Embedded, Mobile, IoT
Industry: Smart Solutions

Interactive Smart Mirror app

Project description

To create a stylish and smart mirror showing useful information about the weather, fresh news and calendar events not to miss. It can be used as a part of deco design for bathrooms or bedrooms.

Smart Mirror project includes a device (with pre installed Android OS on it) with an exclusive interface that allows a user to use an ordinary mirror as a smart one for reading news in different social networks, making selfie, checking the weather forecast, and etc. It has some basic peculiarities such as face detection and voice recognition.


2 developers, 1 software testing engineer, 1 business analyst.


9 months (in development).


Retrofit, Social networks: Twitter, ButterKnife, Face Recognition (Snapdragon SDK), Voice recognition, Greendao, Google Drive API.

Business Value

With integration of facial and voice identification, this app will be a must-have for people, who are used to synchronize their life with schedule on a smartphone, in order to increase their productivity within the day.

Interactive Smart Mirror app screen
Interactive Smart Mirror app screen