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Industry: Healthcare

Tracking app for newborns 


To create a custom app and connect it to a small device in order to monitor and display visual log of baby movements, breathing and basic activity.


The app is developed for both Android and iOS users. It connects to a MyBaby device, classifies and displays 4 types of basic movements:

  • Motion and lack of motion;
  • Orientation and rollovers;
  • Activity - Low/High;
  • Breathing (Optional).

When application detects certain conditions it triggers alarms. For example, when it detects lack of breathing movements, it alerts parents with a loud sound, vibration and a notification message, all configurable. The application also works and issues alerts when it is in the background, which is especially important for an iPhone application. Parents are able to receive alerts via push notifications when they left the app running in the background. The front-end interface is intuitive for low-tech users and sleep deprived young parents.


Android: BLE, GATT, Android 4.3 + Support v7, v4, Realm, Rest API.
iOS: CoreMotion, AVFoundation, LocalNotification, Core Data, CorePlot.

Tracking app for newborns mobile screen
Tracking app for newborns mobile screen