Categories: Mobile, Embedded, IoT
Industry: Healthcare

Tracking app for newborns

Project description

To create a custom app and connect it to a small device in order to monitor and display visual log of baby movements, breathing and basic activity. The app connects to a MyBaby device, classifies and displays 3 types of basic movements:

  • Motion and lack of motion;
  • Orientation and rollovers;
  • Activity - Low/High;
  • Breathing (Optional).

When application detects certain conditions it triggers alarms. For example, when it detects lack of breathing movements, it alerts parents with a loud sound, vibration and a notification message, all configurable. Parents are able to receive alerts via push notifications when they left the app running in the background. The interface is intuitive for low-tech users and sleep deprived young parents.


4 developers, 1 software testing engineer.


11 months.


Android: BLE, GATT, Android 4.3 + Support v7, v4, Realm, Rest API.
iOS: CoreMotion, AVFoundation, LocalNotification, Core Data, CorePlot.

Business Value

Allows to control level of activity of a child and receiving push notifications regarding low movement rate; will allow to prevent the majority of accidents during early stage of life of a newborn.

Tracking app for newborns mobile screen
Tracking app for newborns mobile screen